Fossil Identification




Dickinsonia costata is an Ediacaran of Precambrian age from the Rawnsley Quartzite, Ediacara member found in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

Dickinsonia costata with Parvancorina minchami

Note: Dickinsonia is lighter in color at the center of the cast and Parvancorina is in the upper left corner.  Dark reddish-brown is the color of the quartzite.  Dickinsonia has a brim of wavy marks to the left of the main circular body.  This could be a feeding trace or jellyfish like skirt

Note:  The term Ediacaran is the most recent period in the Precambrian as proposed by the Australians as opposed to the Russians who use the term Vendian, while the Chinese prefer to use Sinian for the last period.  The oldest Ediacaran formation is dated at 580 Ma.

Reference: “Rise of Animals”, Mikhail A. Fedonkin J.G. Gehling, K. Grey, G. M. Narbonne and P. Vickers-Rich, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007.

Cast (PPE-108) is Ivesheadiasp. a medusiform Vendozoan. Bruce Stinchcomb has stated it probably has not yet been assigned to a genus.  It is safe to say it is a Medusiform Vendozoan Ediacaran (=Vendian) period of Precambrian Eon, from Mistaken Point Formation, 565 +- 3 Ma., Mistaken Point, Cape Race, Newfoundland.

Cast (PPC-47) Nemiana simplex, referred to as a vendozoan from the Precambrian Eon, Ediacaran (=Vendian) period, Podolsk Series, Nemiana River, Kamenez-Podolskiy, Ukraine.
Fossil cast (PPC-37) is an Archaeocyathid possibly genus Atikokania sp. from the Lower Cambrian of Australia.  Bruce Stinchcomb has a figure (3-26) in his book “World’s Oldest Fossils.”  Archaeocyathids are most likely a form related to an extinct kingdom separate from either our current animal or plant kingdoms.  This specimen was acid etched and cast to show top and side views of the structure

Cast (PPC-48) is probably Charniodiscus concentricus., a Spindle-shaped form of Vendozoan from Mistaken Point, Cape Race, Newfoundland.  Stratigraphically the Cape Race material is from the Mistaken Point Formation dated at 565 Ma +or- 3 Ma. Ediacaran (=Vendian) period of Precambrian age. 

Cast (PPC-49) Ozarkcollenia sp. is an algal mat impression, (a mold) the top of a stromatolite dome preserved in the Precambrian, Ketcherside volcanic tuff, Culbertson Mt., Iron Co., Missouri