Fossil Identification



Permian | Carboniferous | Devonian | Silurian | Ordovician
Cambrian (only Invertebrates)


Carboniferous - Pennsylvanian

Phylum Bryozoa
Fenestella sp.
Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian)
Iola Formation
Johnson County, Kansas


Plant Fossils

Carboniferous - Pennsylvanian

Stigmaria sp.
Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian)
Morrow Group?
click on image to bring up larger image with rootlets shown. Boulder was found at North Kansas City landscape rock business. There are 7 Stigmaria within this boulder



Carboniferous - Mississippian

Phylum Bryozoa
Archimedes sp.
Carboniferous (Mississippian)
Warsaw Formation
Randolph County, Missouri



Phylum Arthropoda
Order Lichida
Family Odontopleuroidea
Kettneraspis williamsi
Lower Devonian
Haragan Formation
Coal County, Oklahoma
Phylum Brachiopoda
Paraspirifer bownockeri
Middle Devonian
Silica Formation
Sylvania, Ohio



Phylum Chordata
Homo reptilia, Commonly known as Silurians

Although first on Earth during the Silurian, their astronomers goofed and predicted a large object would hit the earth, so they decided to go into hibernation underground. Of course, they also didn't listen to their Geologist/Sedimentolgists/Stratigraphers, resulting when they did wake up, they found themselves several miles beneath the Earth's surface in the Holocene. Kicking themselves at this latest goof-up, they decided to go back to sleep for another 1000 years for punishment.

Doctor Who - The Hungry Earth 2010

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